Lipstick and Scissors Artistry

About Lipstick & Scissors

hi! I'm elaina.

Originally licensed in California and transferring to Colorado in 2015, I’ve always considered myself a hair and makeup “nerd,” continously researching and learning about new products and induustry trends. Due to the ever-evolving nature of hair and makeup artistry, I don’t just rely on my 10+ years of professional experience; I regularly attend industry shows for further education (pursuing online learning during the COVID pandemic).
When I’m not at the salon, I still immerse myself in the hair and makeup world by watching videos from industry educators. In my other free time, you’ll find me catching up on movies and dominating rounds of movie trivia, or listening to music. I’m so lucky to not only be able to listen to music while I work, but do something I enjoy so much. Whether you’re a fellow professional, prospective client, or current client, I’m happy you’ve stumbled upon my page and I can’t wait to connect!

xoxo, elaina