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Looking for a solution for fuller and/or longer hair? Hair extensions can protect the hair from excessive heat and styling damage to promote growth while adding fullness, length or even chemical-free color.  Hair extensions create a manageable and fresh look you can dress up for a night out- and not worry about with an active Colorado lifestyle. Book a free consultation now.

We are certified in many methods of hair extensions ensuring you will have the best option available to fit your hair goals and needs. Each method can go by different names depending on which hair extension company you follow, but in case you need reassurance here is a list of methods: • Keratin fusion, fusion, k-tips. • Weft, hand-tied wefts, machine weft, genius weft, q-weft, invisible beaded extensions, camo extensions, no-sew beaded wefts. • I-tips, individual tips, individual beaded extensions, nano-beaded extensions, micro bead extensions, flex tip nano extensions. • tape extensions. We also offer toppers, invisiblend mesh extensions, Mesh integrated extensions, and invisible bond extensions ( similar to the combline method). As always, we highly recommend coming in for a consultation. Depending on the integrity of your hair and lifestyle, you may be familiar with a certain method name, but it may not be the best option for you. 

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Q: Will extensions damage my hair?

A: No, extensions should never cause damage to your natural hair if applied correctly by an experienced professional. This is why we have specialized in extensions and taken so many courses over the years. Extension methods and education have come so far and we have kept up on every technique and trend to have the best information for you. With that being said, YOU also have a responsibility to protect your investment with proper at-home care which we provide to you in full detail at all consultations.

Q: I had extensions before and they were painful.

A: While we are adding hair which means adding even weight all over the head, some clients experience a tenderness or sensitivity, like when they wear a ponytail too long, which is completely normal. However, extensions should not cause any pain or pulling. Prolonged pain means adjustments need to be made. 

Q: I have fine hair, Can I still wear hair extensions? 

A: Yes! As mentioned, extensions have come a long way and there are now methods which we can apply close to the partlines and are undetectable. This is also why a consultation is super important so we can determine which method is best for you. Not all methods are great for every hair type and this can be determined during your consultation. 

Q: I have balding areas, Can you help with extensions?

A: Yes! We have gone above and beyond in education and techniques to learn how we can service ANYONE with some hair-loss-based solutions. This includes methods such as Invisiblend, Mesh Integration systems, and invisible bonded solutions. 

Q: What if I just want to try a few pieces?

A: Come in and we will set you up with the method that will fit your lifestyle. Even a few pieces can have a huge impact on whether you want extensions for added fullness around the face or to add some brightness or pops of color without the chemicals. 

Q: Are hair extensions expensive?

A: Expensive is a relative question. What may be expensive to one person may be affordable or on budget for another. I will say that they will be worth it. We offer financing with Cherry and other payment options. 


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